SOLD OUT / NOMAD special edition


Jeroen Toirkens

A limited edition of Nomad [first printrun] combining book and a print of 'two Dukha girls', both signed and numbered (1/65 to 65/65). Together in a felt sleeve produced in Mongolia.


Jeroen Toirkens
Signed and numbered  00/65 t/m 65/65
With Fine-art print 'Two Dukha Girls' (28x23cm) 

Since 1999, photographer Jeroen Toirkens has been documenting the raw reality of the last living nomads of the Northern Hemisphere. Globalisation, draught, poverty and climate change make it increasingly difficult for these peoples to maintain their traditional way of life. Toirkens' strong photographs and a heartfelt essay by Jelle Brandt Corstius give a gripping image of twelve journeys to some of the remotest places on earth.

“This strikingly beautiful and unusual photobook takes us on a multi-continent search for the last living nomadic peoples in the Northern Hemisphere. It's a remarkable journey, showing facets of modern-day nomadic cultures that are not quite what one would expect to find.”
Jim Casper, LensCulture - Paris

“A stunning exercise in perspective-shifting, Nomad invites you to see the world - our world, and yet a world that feels eerily other - with new eyes, embracing it with equal parts fascination and profound human empathy."

    Maria Popova, Brain Pickings - New York 

“His pictures offer a poignant portrait of the way in which radical societal and ecological change is splintering communities”
    Robert Bound, Monocle - London

"This year, his obsession culminated in a gorgeous book called Nomad, co-authored with Jelle Brandt Corstius, in which he documents the beauty and harshness of nomadic life."
    Kirsten Philipkoski, Gizmodo - New York

“The result is astonishing. From the black and white portrait of a man and a predatory bird, provoking each other with vicious looks in the midst of a seemingly never ending desolate mountain landscape, to the intimate tent interior insights: Toirkens managed to capture these peoples’ qualities in every single photograph: Pride, inventiveness and hospitality.”
    GUP magazine - Amsterdam

“This project shows that a photographer can be so much more. Toirkens created a complete documentary of a form of life we possible may not know anymore in a few decades”
    Sterre Sprengers, NRC next - Amsterdam


Nomad | Second printrun
Authors Jeroen Toirkens
& Jelle Brandt Corstius (essay)
Book design Wout de Vringer
Edit Marc Prüst, Jeroen Toirkens
Publisher Uitgeverij Lannoo
Language English, Dutch
Pages 208 pages / 150 photos in duotone and full color
Size 28 x 23cm / hardcover, halflinnen

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